At Taqyon, we redefine the way energy is transmitted, utilized, and preserved, ushering in a new era of innovation. Our cutting-edge technologies revolutionize thermal and electrical performance, benefiting our esteemed industry-leading clients and sectors. We enhance our clients' products through specialized coatings, delivering exponential performance improvements and innovative solutions that tackle even the most challenging technical obstacles.


TAQYON QUANTUM MATERIALS CORP. is engaging with Select Market Leaders to innovate their top tier products with 20 to 100 X performance factor increases in the form of GIC powder additives and high-performance GIC Spray coatings with cost effective loadings. Our unique GIC powders are engineered to deliver exponential performance gains in a broad range of high value technologies in "cannot fail" applications. The TAQYON GIC powder additives outperform better known carbon based technologies such as Graphene and/or Graphene oxide products without the toxicity and in some cases the extreme customer acquisition costs of those products.


TAQYON GIC powder additives have superior properties and product characteristics that include high thermal and electrical conductivity, permeability, and strength with pure carbon crystals that are not dangerous to humans or animals. Innovating energy efficiency is one of our primary goals and capabilities. Taqyon assists sustainability in economic systems and accomplishes the goal of doing more with less resources thereby helping to create a sustainable future for the world with stakeholders at the highest levels of decision making.


Geothermal Thermal Barrier Coatings: Better Heat Extraction and Strong Corrosion Protection that prevents heat loss from pipes, thanks to their low U-Factor and 9 hardness. These coatings also excel at stopping corrosion on metals, preventing rust as proven through tests in real ocean conditions.
Key Benefits: · Lightweight · Thin coating · Easily applied · 1 stage application · No primer


For both extreme hot and cold environments.
· Extreme High Temperature clear and dark grey coatings that can endure temperatures in excess of 4000 degrees F. (Proof of Concept validated)
· Upcoming tests for endurance of 2100 to 4000 degrees F on different substrates.
· Aerospace applications.
· Lightweight & thin coating. · Simple 1 step application system.
· Stop surface cracking of metal and composite space components for rockets and satellites.
· Fireproofing containers.


Ice phobic coatings that in preliminary testing, ice cannot attach to substrate, nor form. Currently tested to -32C (Further testing to validate to -50 C planned)
Ice will not even form on metal surface with our TAQYON clear spray coating. Not primer based, but topcoat only. Easy to apply in 1 coating fast dry system.
· Thickness is less than 5 mil as finished coating.
· Lightweight
· Easy applied
· Clear
· Endurable
· Works on metal, plastic, and wood surfaces


High Density energy storage solid state battery being prototyped. (R&D) Further Research and Development program is underway
· 40 X the energy storage in same sized battery pack
· Quick to charge
· Spray painted battery plates
· Solid electrolyte
· Won’t destabilize or cause fires.
· Longevity
· Lightweight and semi flexible
· Easily manufactured
· Cost effective and simple design


Taqyon has been researching and developing several new and advanced high-performance coatings using our GIC powder additives:
· “TAQYON QUICKTHERM” thermally “not electrically” conductive spray coating. Replaces lower thermal conductivity Boron Nitride coatings. 180-200 W/mK thermal conductivity on aluminum heat sinks and 60+ applications. (Awaiting third party verification)
· “TAQYON CERBERUS” High Temperature spray coating. Fire resistant tested to FAA test standards (Inhouse test) for fire retardant coating (4 inches away from flame at 4000 degrees F) 67% thermal blocking on 1-4 mil single coating application. (Awaiting third party verification).


· “TAQYON ELECTRA” Pure carbon electrically conductive spray coating. Semiconductor coating. Can conduct both high voltage and high amperage as 4 mil coating on thin films and plastics. Tested to 200 amps @ 220 volts, without damage, fire, or excessive heat buildup. Beginning trials soon for electric motor research and replacement of heavy components in AC motors. “Coating” high amperage electrical circuits and trace routes with spray coating.


Extreme radiation shielding spray coating. (R&D)
· Shielding against kilohertz waves all the way to Megahertz at above 130 dB.
· 160 dB in Kilohertz wave protection (EMP pulse shielding)


Water desalination & purification with reusable coated meshes. Current R&D under way. · Simple mechanism for water purification.
· Large volumes of water can be treated cost effectively
· Current R&D underway for filtration substrates.


· Attenuation increased by 30% in initial tests on cell phone.
· Megabits per second increased by 30% with simple TAQYON GIC Micro coating.
· Further increase in performance in R&D planning
· Simple spray coat
· Thin coating
· 1 step coating application

TAQYON QUANTUM MATERIALS CORP. Multiple tests at the following facilities:

· 4D Labs, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada
· Canada Light Source Physics Lab, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
· University of Singapore Center for 2D materials, Singapore
· University of Alberta Terahertz Lab, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
· Queens University, Toronto Canada
· University of Western Ontario, Canada
· Mississippi Polymer institute (MPI) / University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) Bio-Hazard Level III Lab.