Our People

Our founding partners have known each other for nearly 20 years before forming TAQYON. They had a desire to find like minded individuals that were interested in changing the world with specialized technology applications.
The TAQYON founding team have spent literally thousands of hours in nano imaging specialized labs with subject matter experts developing the product. In addition to the thousands of hours in specialized labs uncovering the secrets of our GIC powder additives and its production, the team includes power engineers, energy efficiency specialists, project management backgrounds, and start up expertise in production scale up and financing.

TAQYON has multiple strategic relationships currently and is enlarging its roster of key corporate engagements.

Robert Whitaker CEO

Robert Whitaker served in law enforcement for 23 years, including as a Supervisory Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations.  He provides business leadership and counseling with a legal background.

Brandon Toth

President / Director
As the President of Taqyon, Brandon brings over a decade of executive prowess, adeptly navigating diverse business landscapes. With a deep grasp of various technologies and industries, he possesses invaluable insights essential for success. Driven by an unwavering passion for technology, Brandon revels in uncovering limitless possibilities.

Sr. VP Business Development

Bill brings decades of International experience in the automotive and electronics industries. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Bill has served in capacities as CEO, COO and V.P. of Business Development in both startups and in established International organizations.

Dr. Marc Donato

Marc has over 36 years of working in the satellite industry. He has done so as a Department Manager, Program Manager, Chief Scientist, Program Director of international programs, General Manager of several divisions and COO of MDA Canada.

Lance Morginn

Mr. Morginn is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience in managing and financing both private and public companies.

Dr. Deacon

Dr. Deacon’s research is focused on disruptive technological improvements in composites, electronics, and sensors through the use of nanomaterials such as graphene. His Ph.D. thesis titled Sensors: Metal-Organic Cages and Graphene laid the foundations for a novel method of sensing any analyte through the combination of chemistry and nanoscience. Funded by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Ryan Priest

Chief Creative Officer
Ryan Priest is a man of many passions. His love for design, photography and film have inspired the rich visuals you see in Taqyon's branding. With a flair for making anything beautiful, his great joy is blending function with style. Working with many large clients from around the globe, Ryan consistently pushes the boundaries of conventional design.