Applicable Industries

TAQYON GIC powder additives have a very wide range of applications in multiple sectors that include but are not limited to the following areas: Geothermal Applications, Oil Industry, Industrial water purification, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, EV Battery/Energy Storage, Medical, Solar and especially for those Important "Cannot Fail" Applications.

Applicable Industries and unique and valuable solutions to market leaders:

Geothermal Applications: Currently working on validating our coatings for protecting their pipes and casing equipment. Also, Oil, Gas and Hydrogen pipes and tank coatings. • Electronics and heat sensitive equipment./ components requiring increased cooling due to new 5G compliant electronics and added heat production. 200 W/mK on aluminum heat sinks.
• Aviation and Areospace
• Military contractors seeking already developed commercial coatings for high heat protection and low friction surfaces.

Applicable Industries R&D

• Extreme Ice-phobic applications for aviation and marine applications.
• EV Motors and industrial AC motors (lighter motors and higher energy density in motor) Small to industrial sized electrical motors.
• Satellite and Rocket EMP and Thermal protection/Extra thrust for ion engines. Looking to Validate with 3rd party testers.