We Will Make Everything Better.

TAQYON Quantum Materials is about to change everything. We are going to make everything better. Working towards the common goals of humanity.


TAQYON QUANTUM MATERIALS has developed 2 GIC (Graphite Intercalated Compound) powder additives that have multiple properties which extremely effect the outcome of each area described in our GIC Spray Coatings section. Taqyon has both conductive and semi-conductive GIC powders which empower our coatings.


We have unlocked the secret to corrosion. Our technology eliminates corrosion and adds life to what ever project or product you apply it to.

Extreme Heat

High Heat flame retardant coating is currently being tested by an Advanced Materials company for third party verification.

High Density Energy

With our GIC powder additives, energy storage will be seen in an entirely different way. With heat dissipation and increasingly smaller battery sizes and the capacity increase, everything from phones to tools and even cars will be completely different. The ability to automatically charge while driving or take a fraction of the time to recharge. The possibilities are endless!


TAQYON’S GIC Spray Coatings react like a Quantum Material and has a wide range of applications in multiple sectors including but definitely not limited to the following: Geothermal Applications, Oil Industry, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, EV Battery/Energy Storage, Medical, Solar and especially for those Important "Cannot Fail" Applications.


TAQYON has formed a simple and easy R&D program for both start ups and established market leaders. • Gain customized final applications for your company and products to acquire an X factor performance increase in your already existing and market leading products.
• Potential exclusive purchasing rights for your market sector.
• TAQYON brings its engineering prowess in this high-performance technical area for your products, especially for "Cannot Fail" applications.
• TAQYON knows the secrets of how to incorporate our GIC powder additives into paints, coatings, and materials to leapfrog and stay ahead of your entrenched competition and enlarge market-share with our exclusive assistance.
Contact TAQYON QUANTUM MATERIALS CORP now, we can deliver rapid and powerful gain of function and performance for your products. TAQYON will be your guide.